Sunday, October 16, 2005

"That's What God is For"

When it seems like life's unfair, and all your hope is gone
And everyone around you thinks that you are always wrong
You start to feel like giving up, and giving in at last
You think your life is useless and you want to end it fast
But, God cares for you deeply, your sin His Son died for
He's always there to help you through, that's what God is for
He'll help you through your darkest hour, He'll help you to endure
His peace will be sufficient enough, That's what God is for
So, do not be discouraged, my friend, don't give up the fight
And all those people who said you're wrong will finally see you're right
Because, God cares for you deeply, your sin His Son died for
He's always there to help you through, that's what God is for
He'll help you when you're lonely, He'll help when you're unsure
He'll help you do His perfect will, That's what God is for

Saturday, October 08, 2005

"Secret Struggles"

So many times our private struggles
Are brought into the light
No matter how we kick and scream
No matter how we fight
We wonder why they've been made know
Why we can't keep them to ourself
Why do others need to know
Why are they displayed upon the shelf
Is it to embarrass us
To make us feel ashamed
Who's responsible for this mess
Who is the one to blame
God brings them out into the light
So healing may occur
He does it all for our own good
Of this we can be sure
So don't resent His discipline
Embrace it and accept
That for our healing and our growth
These secrets can not be kept

"Let God Back"

“Under God”, “In God we trust”, “God shed His grace on thee”
Three simple, yet profound statements that helped to shape our country
Some embrace them, some refute them, some even try to ban them
But we cannot deny the controversy we currently see around them
These statements talk about allegiance to, and dependence upon the One
Who is truly the only hope for this world through the death of His only Son
As a nation we have turned away from the God who gave us birth
The God who has blessed us with the greatest country that exists upon this earth
As the United States, let us also unite to give God His rightful place
And welcome Him back into our nation so we can again experience His grace
Let’s let Him back into our schools so our children can freely pray
And share in the love of Jesus Christ with their classmates every day
Let’s allow God back into our homes to lead, guide, and protect
Let’s allow Him back into our communities that we have so carelessly wrecked
Let’s let God back into the church and get rid of bitterness and strife
So He can bring back to it acceptance, love, and life
God is waiting patiently for this country to once again
Allow Him back into its borders so He can be its friend

Saturday, March 12, 2005

My Testimony

This is not a poem, but an explanation of how and why I became a Christian.
I have been a born-again Christian since May 20, 1989. I grew up going to church most of my life. I never realized that I could have a personal relationship with Jesus, or that I needed to be born-again to go to Heaven when I die.
In 10th grade I started going to vo-tech. One of the guys from my class invited me to a Bible study, so I agreed to go. I went to that Bible study for 2 years without realizing that I wasn't really a Christian.
On May 20, 1989 I went to a Christian concert with the Bible study. At the end of the concert they invited people to come to the front for prayer. They said it was for people who wanted to accept Jesus for the very first time, or for those who were already Christians, to renew their faith. I felt like I should go up, so I did. But, I went up with the mind-set of renewing my faith, not realizing that I was actually only accepting Christ for the first time.
Over the next few days God slowly revealed to me that if I would have died before that moment at the concert, I would not have gone to Heaven; even though I went to church mostly all my life, even though I "believed" in God, even though I went to Bible study. Despite all those things, because I didn't have Jesus in my life, as my personal LORD and Savior, I would have missed out on eternity with Him. My friend, do you know if you're going to Heaven when you die, or is there some doubt? If there is, then ask God to reveal His Son Jesus to you as never before. Ask Him to forgive you of your sins, come into your life and be your LORD and Savior. You won't regret it! God bless you!!!

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

"What IS Crucifixion?"

A medical doctor provides a physical description: The cross is placed on the ground and the exhausted man is quickly thrown backwards with his shoulders against the wood.
The Legionaire feels for the depression at the front of the wrist. He drives a heavy, square wrought iron nail through the wrist deep into the wood. Quickly he moves to the other side and repeats the action, being careful not to pull the arms too tightly, but to allow some flex and movement.
The cross is then lifted into place. The left foot is pressed backward against the right foot, and with both feet extended,toes down, a nail is driven through the arch of each, leaving the knees flexed.
The victim is now crucified. As he slowly sags down with more weight on the nails in the wrists, excruciating fiery pain shoots along the fingers and up the arms to explode in the brain, the nails in the wrists are putting pressure on the median nerves.
As he pushes himself upward to avoid this stretching torment, he places the full weight on the nail through the feet.Again he feels the searing agony of the nail tearing through the nerves between the bones of his feet.
As the arms fatigue, cramps sweep through his muscles, knotting them deep relentless, throbbing pain. With these cramps comes the inability to push himself upward to breathe. Air can be drawn in to the lungs but not exhaled. He fights to raise himself in order to get even one small breath.
Finally, carbon dioxide builds up in the lungs and in the blood stream, and the cramps partially subsided. Spasmodically, he is able to push himself upward to exhale and bring in life-giving oxygen.
Hours of limitless pain,cycles of twisting,wrenching cramps, intermittent partial asphyxiation, searing pain as tissue is torn from his lacerated back as he moves up and down against the rough timber. Then another agony begins: a deep, crushing pain deep in the chest as the pericardium slowly fills with serum and begins to compress the heart. It is now almost over- the loss of tissue fluids has reached a critical level- the compressed heart is struggling to pump heavy, thick, sluggish blood into the tissues- the tortured lungs are making frantic effort to gasp in small amounts of air.
He can feel the chill of death creeping through his tissues...Finally, he can allow his body to die.
All this the Bible records with the simple words: "and they crucufied Him."(Mark 15:24)
What wondrous love is this? Many people don't know that pain and suffering our Lord, Jesus Christ went through for us...because of the brutality, crucifixion was given a sentence to only its worst offenders of the law. Theives, murderers, and rapists would be the types of creeps who got crucified.
Yet, here Jesus, the babe in the manger we celebrate at Christmas...What did Jesus do? Did He murder anyone? Did He steal anything? Did He even gossip? The answer as we all know is NO! Jesus did nothing to deserve this type of death, yet He went willing to die, in between two thieves, so that we might be saved.
And there, in between the sinners, was our slain Savior for our sins. We're Free!!!

Monday, February 14, 2005

"Love, Jesus"

- Mark Mayhue

When I see the tears you cry
I cry along with you
And when I hear your joyous laughter
I share in your joy, too
I’m feeling what your feeling
Though it may be tough to see
That all the things you go through
Have already happened to me
So, take to heart that I relate
To all your joys and pains
And realize that I’m hear for you
When the sun shines, when it rains
Take comfort in the simple fact
That true peace can be found
In the beauty of my presence
When you lay your own life down
Then, as you make that sacrifice
And obey my every word
You’ll truly learn to see me
As your friend as well as Lord


Sunday, January 30, 2005


-Mark Mayhue

Life was all around me
I saw it everyday
Oblivious to its miracle
As I went along my way
So many things to do and see
I never took the time
To stop, to ponder, to thank my God
For this miracle divine
This life I have is but a mist
As the years go quickly by
I want to live in thanks to God
For this miracle of mine
When I reach my final Home
And I look upon His face
I know I'll hear, "Well done my son"
For I trusted in His grace.

Friday, January 28, 2005

"I Hear the Voice of God"

-Mark Mayhue

I strain to hear the voice of God
As I sit in silent prayer
Sitting by the water's edge
Enjoying the clean, crisp air
I ask the LORD to speak to me
And wait for His response
But then there's only silence
It seems like God is gone
Then I hear the water
As the ripples meet the shore
A constant, soothing, gentle sound
That's relaxing all the more
I listen to the gentle wind
As it rustles through the trees
It brings a sense of peacefulness
As I feel its cooling breeze
I hear birds singing joyfully
But, why do I feel so odd
Then finally it occurs to me
I'm hearing the voice of God
I hear Him speaking peace and rest
Through the water, wind and birds
Now I'm assured I've heard His voice
Though He never spoke a word